LIVE In Ankeny.

part of the “LIVE. WORK. PLAY.” in Ankeny campaign
written by Emily Carrington with ROOF IOWA, Ankeny Chamber Premier Investor

Ankeny captured my heart in 1990 – a small town in Iowa with a population of 18,590 people, boasting new schools and a wealth of opportunities… but only just up to Northwest Greenwood Street to the West. In Ankeny, you couldn’t step out of the house without bumping into someone you knew, sparking a conversation that inevitably lasted at least 15 minutes, thanks to our “Iowa Nice” the infamous “Iowa Good-Bye.”

Soon after I met the love of my life in middle school at Parkview (cue the heart eyes). We reconnected after college while living in Ankeny and chose to raise our family here. Like so many young couples, we had decisions to make as to what was going to be best for our children then and in the future. I can boldly say that staying here was one of the best decisions we have made.

As a proud Ankeny graduate, I was thrilled that there are public and private options for our youth to expand with their education. Knowing many members and faculty in the Ankeny School District as well as in the private sector, I guarantee that each of those people genuinely care for our children. (And it’s not too shabby that our oldest had DMACC credits before graduating…anything to help families’ wallets is appreciated!)

For my family, Ankeny has always provided safety. We don’t worry about our children like parents in other towns because of the tight-knit community. Because of this small-town feel, I still can’t go anywhere without knowing someone. And now those people know our children. There is a level of accountability to watch and nurture the next generation by neighbors, teachers, friends, coaches.

While managing three very young children, my husband Jon and I were driven by desire to serve and take care of our friends, neighbors, fellow business owners and the people we love in this city using his decades of expertise in roofing, siding and construction after seeing homeowners endure such poor treatment and poor quality of services in the roofing industry. We started Roof Iowa over a decade ago on a prayer and our meagre savings.

We became members of the Ankeny Chamber of Commerce early on and met some wonderful people that immediately helped foster more connections in the community to help support our vision: We wanted to treat each home like ours through the highest quality while treating each person like a neighbor at an honest cost.

As we have grown as a company, we have met so many other business owners and people that we can honestly say have shaped our hearts and minds for the better – we see people, industry and our future economy in a whole new light. But most importantly, be it in personal development, friendships, entertainment, business development, education; Most of the residents of Ankeny that we have been blessed to meet are the most kind, caring and supporting people.

Because of this, our value of supporting local is crucial.

For my husband and I running a small, family-operated business here in Ankeny, we are dead-set on serving our community above all in whatever capacity we can. Every small quality local business owner I am well connected with stretches themselves to provide and take care of others as well. When people see our collective love and effort, they’re willing to support businesses like ours and others, enabling us business owners to give back to the community we love.

I have made it a personal mission to donate and sponsor as many people and organizations in and around Ankeny. I deeply feel that giving back to those in need will do nothing but help continue to create a safe, loving and opportunist environment for the generations to come.

We at Roof Iowa are so proud to have the opportunity to provide events while partnering with the Ankeny Chamber and the Uptown Ankeny Association. This September, we will be hosting the annual Corks and Caps event featuring local vendors, food, beverages, and music—a perfect getaway for adults! I don’t think I have to twist your arm for this one. Ticket information will be announced later after we enjoy participating in Summerfest in the District.

Another huge event we are hosting is the weekly Ankeny’s Farmer’s Market in the Ankeny Market Pavilion. I am personally extremely excited about this because it really doesn’t get any more local than supporting small mom and pop vendors with their produce, art, plants and homemade or homegrown goods. This is a great way to get families out, foster relationships and play right in the heart of Ankeny. PS… Food trucks are involved!

I was recently asked, as a long-time contributor to Ankeny, what I love most about my hometown:

While Ankeny has seen positive growth in resources, commerce, entertainment, education, and opportunities, one thing remains constant—the compassion and spirit of the people supporting one another.

As always, I appreciate each of you and your own contributions (big and small) to make this a better place!