Why should you be a part of the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce- our vision says it all!   We will be the driving force for the business community providing connections, collaboration, & leadership opportunities while supporting economic growth & engaging our members with the community.

  1. Connections

We all say we have enough friends, and we don’t have time to find more.  Networking is more than having friends.  It is making lifelong connections that will help enhance your business.  The connections made at chamber events will give you the word-of-mouth marketing that gets people in your doors.  It also puts a face to a name or business, so when they are looking for someone new, they know who to call.  Show up and shake some hands because you never know when you will meet your next client.

  1. Leadership Opportunities

We are always looking for people to get involved and be a leader in our community.  Chances are you have quality professionals within your local Chamber of Commerce who can serve you well, or at least point you in the right direction. Experts in your Chamber may be ready to meet with you in person for projects that are tricky to handle across varied distances and time zones. Supporting your local community businesses can allow your region to flourish economically. Everybody wins, and it begins at home.

  1. Engaging with our Community

The chamber offers unique opportunities to get your business out in front of the community and other members.  The Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the promotion and development of their members within the community.  Everything we do is to elevate the presence of our members.  We have created unique ways within our events for all members to be involved.

  1. Economic Growth

If you live, work, or play in Ankeny, you will love the growth we are having!  Strong economic growth is vital to our business community.  The chamber is here to continue to support of that growth of all businesses.  The chamber provides numerous opportunities to engage the community and those outside the community to spend their dollars here.  Ankeny is unique in that is provides entertainment for everyone within the business community.  Ankeny Chamber SummerFest moved to The District for that reason.  We want to be able to support the business community so why not bring the people to them.

Article provided by Melisa Cox