Intern Introduction: Meet Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins, Ankeny Area Chamber and SummerFest Intern

Getting to Know Hunter: Fitness Junkie, Junk-Food Lover

My name is Hunter Collins and I am an intern for the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce. I am also a junior majoring in Communications at Iowa State University. Academics are extremely important to me and I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to my grades. I aspire to be on the Dean’s list for all four years of college and continue to demonstrate a strong work ethic. I am also a fitness junkie, and love working out (and no, don’t worry, I do not like kale at all!). More specifically, I enjoy lifting weights- cardio is a no for me. I hope to someday compete in a fitness and figure competition….but for now…I will just enjoy my cheese pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts (in moderation of course ☺).

The Benefit of a Chamber of Commerce Internship

This is my second year interning with the Chamber, and I am loving it! Before this internship, I had no idea what I wanted to do- I was lost with the direction I wanted to take my career. However, after the experiences I have had with Summerfest and the Chamber staff, I feel confident in entering the Communications field (thank you Ali ☺). Being a part of SummerFest made me realize the amount of detail and planning that goes into an event. I enjoyed seeing all of the different tasks the Chamber staff completed in order to make SummerFest successful. My experience helped me learn how to manage my time more effectively, as well as become more confident in being in situations I had never encountered before. I am looking forward to my second experience with SummerFest/Chamber because I am more knowledgeable, and I am able to help with more tasks and activities. This year, I am hoping to broaden my scope of the Communications field, along with expanding my social network. I am excited to be a part of the Chamber for a second time, as well as having the opportunity to make more connections in the Ankeny community!

Why Intern at the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce?

Interning here at the Chamber has been a fun, yet educational experience. I have been given an abundance of opportunities to complete tasks dealing with event management, marketing, and communications. Along with this, I was never bored, and the chamber staff always involved me in projects they were working on. This is something I have greatly appreciated about everyone at the Chamber because I was not stuck doing typical intern tasks all day. They took the time to teach me and help me with all of the tasks and projects I have worked on. I highly encourage anyone interested in learning about multiple fields to intern at the Chamber. Not only will you gain experience in all three of these areas, but you will work with truly amazing people who care about you and your future.

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