Chairman of the Board: Why do you Chamber?

Mar 1, 2019

Patti Hood, 2020 Chairman of the Board

In February I was honored to present to many of our Chamber members the vision for our future at the 2020 Annual Dinner. Throughout many years of being a part of the Chamber, I have been asked, ‘Why do you Chamber’? If you would have asked me back in 2004 when I started to get involved, it’s because my boss said, “It would be good for you.” And now, in 2020, Why do I Chamber? It’s because of all of you.

One can lean on the events that the Chamber provides our members as well as our community. The highlight for me as to ‘Why I Chamber,’ is because of the business resources the Chamber provides. Resource planning helps business owners make the most of their available resources, no matter how scarce these are. Whether it’s one employee or up to 1000, a resource plan makes sure that everyone is using their time and availability efficiently.

The Chamber provides the opportunity to learn what it takes to start up a business, and know how industries or trends in the business market are changing. When asked what resources are needed to create value for you, your team, or your customer base, consider what is needed to sustain and support your business. Some of the resources the Chamber can provide include:
Physical Resources: The Chamber can provide a network of members to determine the best location for your business.

Talent Resources: Many of us have been challenged with a low unemployment rates since 2016. On the Chamber website, you can post your open positions to the membership.
Educational Resources: The Chamber has developed educational programs for you to be a part of, including BizLab Workshops, Leadercast, and Mentoring for Women, and Business Illumination Series.
What are we going to take away in 2020? Reinventing and diversifying the Chamber, to continue to lead into the future, is the key to success.

You, our members and our Ankeny community, are why I Chamber. Thank you for being a part of the Chamber business community. Your investment, time, skillset and mentorship to others helps all of us to be better. I am excited to serve you as the 2020 Chair of the Ankeny Area Chamber where we are approaching 1100 members, such as yourself, to be a resource to learn from, network with, and build lasting relationships.

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