From the Chairman of the Board

Jan 1, 2021

Heather Lilienthal, 2021 Chairman of the Board

I recently read these words from a wise friend and fellow Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce Board member. The question was posed in a Dec. 31 Facebook post offering an end-of-the-year perspective and new-year outlook. It stopped me in my tracks.

Our professional and business lives have been different since last March. It’s been hard, scary, sad…but not all bad. You business owners found new skills as you took programs and services online. You established new businesses. And you created so many relationships that continue to grow.

Different can mean uncertainty, but it can also mean opportunity. Here’s a bit more from my friend:
“This year has been different for ALL of us, but what did YOU do with your DIFFERENT?

Did you become closer to someone who matters (or let them know just how much they do) and step farther from those who don’t?

Did you make changes to increase your health, wealth, and happiness or choose to complain all year about what you “couldn’t do”?
Think about it…What did YOU do with your DIFFERENT?”

So, here we are, friends. Things ARE different. What will we DO with it?

For me, I have a new position at work. It’s different, but I’ll bring my best every day. My colleagues and the farmer members I represent at the Iowa Soybean Association deserve nothing less. I am thankful for my association’s support for my chamber service the past several years. (Anyone who knows me knows I’ll sneak soybeans into most conversations!)

My family started a business (The Iowa Meat Truck) and one of the first things we did as part of our business plan was to join the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce. It helped make for a successful December.
I’m stepping into the position of chairwoman of the board. Talk about different! But I have so many amazing former chairs to learn from and lean to for perspective and support. Patti Hood, outgoing 2020 chair, never faltered when things were different. She took her dedication and motivation to serve this community to a DIFFERENT level and we are lucky to have that leadership.

The chamber staff, board, volunteers, and members will be doing things differently for you in 2021. What’s NOT different is making sure Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce membership remains a vital part of YOUR business’ success plan. Stay tuned to the chamber website, Facebook page, and email updates to keep updated on events and efforts.

So, thanks to Tony Mills at Karl Chevrolet for his post. (You helped me see things differently, Tony!) We can embrace change and help you and your business make the most of 2021: The Year of Different! Join us!

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