Chairman of the Board: Spring Greetings

Jun 1, 2019

Michele Starkenburg, 2019 Chairman of the Board

Now that nice weather has finally arrived, I’ve been enjoying bike rides through Ankeny and the trails that surround the area. Whenever I ride, I can’t help but notice how much the landscape has changed over the years along my routes. There’s much less “prairie” in Prairie Trail, and a lot more homes northwest of Ankeny where the High Trestle trail picks up. Though the landscape of Ankeny has changed, one thing stood out to me as I rode that has not changed — nearly everyone that I passed on the bike trail smiled or said hello! Even though Ankeny is approaching 65,000 residents, many of the smiling faces that I saw were familiar ones of fellow Ankeny residents including other business leaders in our community. I’m thankful that we not only work alongside one another, but can enjoy our community as friends and neighbors. I have to stop along the way for a few more stoplights than I used to, but as this years’ Board Chairman, it does my heart good to see growth and excitement in our business community.

Speaking of growth, perhaps you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are considering opening a new business in our growing community. The Ankeny Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the City of Ankeny and the Ankeny Economic Development Corporation put considerable effort and research into helping entrepreneurs. Please reach out to any of our Chamber Board Members or staff as we want to hear how the Chamber and Ankeny community can best support you. The Ankeny Area Chamber has many tools available to help you develop your business. It’s exciting to think that maybe next spring it could be YOUR new business that I stop at while on my bike ride!

Not only do I enjoy spending time biking during the summer, I also love experiencing all of Ankeny’s community events! I’m proud to say that the Ankeny Area Chamber organizes the biggest event of all – Ankeny SummerFest! Ankeny SummerFest takes place Thursday, July 11 through Sunday, July 14 and is presented by Karl Chevrolet. The event includes an entertainment garden featuring bands all four nights (headlining bands include Exit 185, Cody Hicks, Pork Tornadoes, and Towncrier!), a parade and boat regatta on Saturday, and FREE family fun activities Sunday afternoon, plus so much more! Visit for more information on all things Ankeny SummerFest. I hope to see you there!

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